The Remote Workers



Jail is so not going to be our next travel destination.

Andy, my boyfriend and former hockey star, can’t fathom why I insist on spending the winter in chilly Martha’s Vineyard over the allure of Bali. He doesn’t know I’m determined to discover who killed my mother all those years ago. Balancing this investigation with our floundering travel vlog and a high-pressure tech job is no easy feat.

Local big shot Max Beaumont, my mother’s former lover, might have the answers. The private investigator I hired thought so too…before he quit the case. Thankfully we’ve rented Max’s ostentatious beachfront property during the off-season. I can dig deeper, even under the enduring disdain from locals distrustful of remote workers like us. With any luck, I’ll put our new landlord behind bars.

Unfortunately, our idyllic retreat turns sinister when someone is found face down in our pool. Now we’re prime suspects, with jail looming as an unwanted addition to our itinerary.  


ISBN 9781957458717